Engaging Inner Wisdom is...

a blog that “engages” our inner wisdom and the inner wisdom of others, providing information, tools, exercises and resources that assist you in quieting yourself, taking creative risks, and finding balance, inevitably helping you to grow and transform in unimaginable ways. 

What engaging inner wisdom is to Chantel:  
"Engaging Inner Wisdom” means to find in ourselves our internal compass and trust it implicitly.  Too often we fail to trust our "gut", to really listen to how we feel, what we know to be true. We move though time oblivious - how many times have you been driving only to realize you don't remember how you got where you are? It happens to all of us. In our fast-paced environment, inundated with information telling us how we should be, we rarely slow down enough to check in with ourselves to see how we really feel. Very often we fail to take action out of fear or anxiety that we aren't good enough, don't know enough, or won't make the mark. It's only years later that we recognize that  we have missed opportunities to create joy and happiness or pursue long-buried passions and desires.

In co-authoring this blog it is my intention to provide meaningful and informative materials that will inspire you and support your efforts to find your personal truth, and assist you in breaking free from limiting beliefs about yourself. Hopefully you will be motivated to take creative risks, embark on a spiritual journey, or transform your present life into a magical, meaningful experience in which you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

My passions - creativity, self-expression, meditation, environmental sustainability, and positive psychology - remind us of our connection to self, others, and Earth. To "engage inner wisdom", at its core, is to remember these connections and act on them, the most important of which is the connection to self.

What engaging inner wisdom is to Karen:

Before discussing how we engage inner wisdom, we must first understand what inner wisdom means, what it is.  For me, at its roots, it feeds on the relationship between humans and Earth.  We are connected to the elements – air, water, earth, and fire – requiring each for our well-being.

Beyond this foundation is consciousness.  Humans have achieved a level of consciousness that no other living organism has (as far as we know).  Through this consciousness and our experiences, we develop our inner wisdom, the true voice that lies within us, for us.

When we engage this inner wisdom, we take the first step onto a path toward happiness and acceptance, free of stress and judgment.  Engaging inner wisdom requires trust in yourself and how you have interpreted your experiences.  When you engage your inner wisdom, there is strength and courage to enable you to follow your true path.  You can do it; you can find and follow your inner wisdom and we can support you on your journey.

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