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We met as college undergrads in the early 1990s.  Both strong advocates for the environment, we became fast friends and created a very dynamic working partnership that produces amazing results.  We are inspired by each other.     

Who is Chantel Zimmerman?
Let me tell you a brief story. After leading a labyrinth class one cool, autumn Saturday, it dawned on me that I offer a variety of workshops, like the Artist’s Way, SoulCollage®, meditation classes, and sustainability classes, but I couldn’t figure out how they were all related. I decided to walk the labyrinth myself, asking, “what do all the workshops I offer have in common?” Save for the sustainability classes, which are very practical in nature, all the other workshops enable people, through various methods, to tap into their inner wisdom – to find their personal compass.

As a facilitator I inspire people to take actions that improve their life and the world around them. I mirror the wisdom illuminated within each person I encounter. My role is to support the experience of discovering one’s internal guidance system. I’ve done this for over 15 years. The topics vary  - creativity, meditation, sustainability, providing doula services, positive psychology – but my work never changes. I am there for my clients, easing them through their experience, helping them achieve goals and intentions, and illuminating their light within.

Whether a participant is a “stuck writer” who needs to figure out a way through his/her fear and procrastination, someone interested in becoming happier and more content, or a soon-to-be mother needing to get through the next contraction, I am there with my facilitator’s toolbox, my proverbial “bag of tricks”.

Confidently engaging our own personal wisdom inspires others to share theirs, thus creating a positive feedback loop, resulting in a richer, more dynamic and fulfilled populous.

It is to this end that I remain eternally committed.
Who is Karen Paquin?

Writing your bio is never easy and, sometimes, can be downright uncomfortable.  There is plenty I could tell you about me and how my life experiences have shaped me, just as yours have shaped you.  But, I prefer to get to know you, learn and share.  I can go first though.

What would you like to know?  My background?  Well, I have two degrees in Geography, a BA from UCLA and an MSc from Concordia University in Montreal.  I’ve done extensive work on communication and leadership, about twenty years worth, and was involved in team sports, as player and coach, for about thirty.  I am also a writer.

My passions?  Hidden in my background.  With Geography, I learned about Earth, its processes and our connection to it and all things (organic and inorganic) on it.  My work with communication and leadership taught me how to read, understand, and encourage people.  As a member of countless teams, I learned, what else, the value of working together to achieve a common goal and how to lead others to do the same.  Through my writing, I express my creativity, help and support others, and breathe.

My purpose for engaging inner wisdom?  To find happiness and peace.  I have an unquenchable thirst to understand and follow what I know intuitively.  Using this experience and incorporating less traditional tools I’ve acquired over the years, such as mindfulness and mind wandering exercises, Runes, color totems, stress-reducing stretches, and a variety of creative expression techniques, I help others engage their inner wisdom.  They recognize and realize their creativity, potential, and dreams.  Now, tell me about you.

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