Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Patience as We Process

Bottom lines usually come at the end of a long drawn-out explanation, but I am switching that;  I'm beginning with the bottom line.  The bottom line is that virtually everything we do is a process or part of a process and the way we approach the processes in our lives matters.

In today’s society, we approach life’s processes by being pushed, urged forward by external forces; things must happen faster; we must be more efficient, more productive, go, go, go!

Do you feel your body stressing at the mere mention of those ideas?  Yeah?  Me too.  It is because we allow these external forces to set the tone and pace for our processes.  It is also why, when we face set backs or unexpected challenges, we meet them with frustration, discouragement, anger, and even sadness.  The result is growing stress, because all of these emotions, coupled with our fast-paced society, increase stress.

To break this cycle, we must turn away from the external forces and listen to our inner truth, let internal forces guide us.  The first step on the path to breaking absolute external influence and the stress cycle that goes with it is to turn inward and listen to our inner truth (our gut).  This simple act begins a new process, one that requires patience and time, acceptance and understanding.

That brings me back to my bottom line – the way we approach the processes in our lives matters.

It does not mean choosing to listen entirely to internal or external forces.  It means finding balance between the two and letting your inner wisdom guide your choices; it means realizing that the process of looking inward and finding balance requires patience, because it takes time.

For some people looking inward is about beginning a complete lifestyle change; for others it is to get a better job; and still others seek balance or simply a way to include their favorite hobby in their life.  No matter how you apply your inner wisdom to your life, the ultimate goal is to find peace and happiness.  To do it successfully, we must begin the process with patience.

Practice Engaging Your Inner Wisdom
Take five to ten minutes to sit or lie down with your eyes closed and let your mind wander not to external worries or concerns, but to internal hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions.  Don’t feel obligated to write anything down, don’t force your thoughts in any direction.  The point is to start allowing yourself to see and accept your inner wisdom.  Begin the process by imagining yourself in a positive situation doing something you enjoy.  When you’ve completed your wander, take another moment to acknowledge how it made you feel.  Then, smile, because you’ve just allowed yourself to take the first step in listening to your inner truth.

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  1. Karen thank you for this post! It is such a marvelous reminder to recognize that we have a choice! We can either let those external forces sway us, or we can check in with ourselves and begin to pay attention. I love the Mind Wander, it's an intentional daydream. Thank you for demonstrating a simple way to let our inner wisdom speak. I am grateful that you bring "balance" into focus for me today; it is not "this or that", but rather both, "this and that" - external and internal forces must be accounted for when thinking about moving forward.