Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's Remember 2013's Successes Before We Set 2014's Goals

All around me I'm hearing people talk about moving into 2014, visioning for 2014, preparing for new year's resolutions, setting goals for the new year, and on and on. I'm feeling rushed into the new year! I'm not behind the 8-ball, the 8-ball is fast on my behind, and I don't like the pressure.

Don't get me wrong, I will set intentions for the new year, pick a word for the new year with Abbey of the Arts, and have goals for the coming year, but geewiz, I still have almost 2 weeks left in 2013!! It seems like nobody's talking about taking time to reflect.  I feel the same way when retailers put christmas decorations up right after halloween. "I WANT MY THANKSGIVING!" I scream internally.

Well, "I WANT TO REFLECT ON THIS YEAR!" Sheesh, I've done a lot of good work! I need a little time to relish it, to roll in it, and feel good about it.

Let me be the voice of holiday reason. 'Tis the season to reflect, review, reminisce, congratulate, and take stock of our progress. It's a time to give kudos, and consider what could be done differently.

I'm so busy being pushed to create new goals for next year that I don't even know if I accomplished my goals for this year! Can I get an "amen" please?

I recently spoke on a panel at the Studio City Holistic Chamber of Commerce meeting. We were talking about how to succeed with setting and keeping new year's resolutions. The first thing I addressed was the importance of looking at where we came from in order to look at where we need to go. This harkens to my August post about my annual "birthday success inventory". Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about this year before you move into next year:
  1. What did you accomplish this year?
  2. What did you do well this year? What did you do especially well this year?
  3. Did you meet the goals you set for yourself this year?
  4. Where did you struggle this year? What could you improve on?
  5. Did you learn anything that you can apply for next year that would help you have a more meaningful, successful coming year?
  6. If you could do things differently, what would you do differently and how?
  7. Come up with your own questions too
A friend of mine, Tana Guadi, a marvelous life coach, encouraged me (in a coaching session) to write a letter to myself, thanking myself for all the good things I did this year, and for all the ways I showed up for myself. I wrote the letter. WOW! What amazing insight I gleaned from my gentle, wise, wondrous self.

So the message I want to leave you with is, "if you are going to pile one more thing on your already hectic, holiday schedule let it be to finish out this year and take stock of it, before you move into next year!"

Practice Engaging Your Inner Wisdom:
Can you take a half an hour, a day, or a weekend to review 2013? Can you pull out your 2013 wish list, dust it off, and see if any of it came true? What about writing a letter to yourself to tell yourself what a good job you did this year? Have you thought about giving yourself a bonus? Consider what you can do to bring closure to 2013 - to feel good about your successes and reduce your weaknesses. Wishing you all the best at the close of the year!

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