Friday, January 31, 2014

Moving Forward into 2014

Over the last month or so, Karen and I spent time going inward and listening, Think of the image of a still winter morning, covered in a layer of white powder that muffles sound and holds space within, as the metaphor from which Karen and I have been emerging. Now we are planning and prepping; now we stretch, dusting off the snow and slowly move forward in step with the sun and its increased warmth and bold light that beckons. 

But planning and prepping required a gestation period and a time to ponder the future. We listened. We listened to what wants to be seen and known from within. We asked, “What do we wish to share with the world in 2014?”, We were inspired by the many answers, ideas, images, thoughts, and feelings that bubbled up.

While we haven’t teased out everything or defined all of the details, we have managed to conceptualize a framework and some ideas. You can look forward to some of the following topics and concepts as we move through 2014:

Stepping out
  • Loving self, loving others, loving life
  • Spring rituals
  • Living as the “fool”
  • Embracing Mother Earth
  • Rising out of the ashes
  • Showering abundance
  • Dealing with life’s mudslides and downpours
  • Mothering self
  • Relishing our talents, relishing life
  • Picking ourselves up when we fall

Additionally, we intend to hold lightly to “quarterly constructs” using them as springboards for our posts. For example, through this first quarter of the year we will consider:

  • Creativity
  • Initiating
  • Budding
  • Growing
  • Developing
  • Conceptualizing, and
  • Emerging

Subsequent quarters will have their own essence.

We wish you a happy new year. May you be fulfilled, blessed and happy!

Practice Engaging Your Inner Wisdom

We hope you take or have taken the time necessary to still yourself, to silence the world’s cacophony, and to really listen to your inner wisdom, so that you can see what is calling you, and what wants to be manifested in this new year filled with possibility.

We would love to know what you’ve heard, and what emerged from your silence. Is there something you are going after this year? Please post!

We’d would also love to hear which of the topics listed above are of particular interest to you. Please post a comment so we can support you!

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