Sunday, November 09, 2014

Earth Angels - Day 9

Have you ever had the experience of feeling a bit sad, or a little down and then out of nowhere, someone that you least expected to, offers a kind gesture?  'Blamo', your sadness is instantly wiped away.

Many people call these actions "Random Acts of Kindness". I agree. I call the people who practice Random Acts of Kindness "Earth Angels". People who unknowingly offer some gentle, loving, bit of kindness that lets you know they are thinking about you, and that you matter.

Mattering to someone else, matters. We all feel good when someone holds us in their heart.

This speaks to the importance of seeing people, noticing people, and extending smiles, a helping hand, a simple, thoughtful flower or gift. I am encouraged to open a door, help someone carry something, or follow through with an idea to give a card, say a prayer, or sow a seed of love.

These little gestures can have a profound impact and deeply touch someone.

I remember seeing  a sign in a car window that said, "You Are Awesome!". It made me smile, and made my day! That person was driving around making people happy and sending good vibes out into the community.

We each have an opportunity to be an "Earth Angel". It requires two things 1.) to pay attention, and 2.) to act on our good intentions

What was the last Random Act of Kindness you offered?

5 thanksgivings
  1. I am grateful for Katherine at POP who is ALWAYS an Earth Angel.
  2. I am grateful for Tonya for thinking of me and inspiring this blog entry.
  3. I am grateful for When We Are Kind a wonderful facebook page committed to spreading good.
  4. I am grateful for Tree W. who helped me carry my bags tonight.
  5. I am grateful to Father Rand who got out of his car and opened the office for me today, even though he was just about to leave to go home.

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