Saturday, November 08, 2014

Motivated by Collaboration - Day 8

I am inspired by collaboration. Synergy between two people results in a much broader and deeper vision. Ideas spring forth and unexpected outcomes arise. One idea can lead down the rabbit hole to a host of completely unanticipated options. Human creativity is remarkable.

I also find it difficult to collaborate, I have to remember to listen. Sometimes I can really like my ideas, and the possibility of those ideas leading the way. If I listen though, and let go of expectation, magical things can happen. I like finding opportunities to blend two different ways of doing things. I am especially happy when an "Aha" moment arises where each person feels connected to the outcome and has a sense of "buy-in".

Sometimes I notice resistance, both mine and the other person's. I ask myself, "Am I clinging to my own ideas, or is there another reason for resistance, maybe a lack of understanding or clarity, or perhaps the other person is clinging?". There is something tremendously fulfilling about overcoming resistance and reaching a new perspective in which the outcome is enhanced 10-fold by the merging of two concepts. Similarly, learning to step back and contribute to another person's lead, while more difficult, is also equally rewarding. The more able I am to release the need for my ideas to be at the fore, the richer and more evolved the results can be.

I find that I am motivated when there is another person working with me. I enjoy someone to run with, to engage with, to explore with. The interaction feels like a game of ping pong, fast paced, back and forth that spurs the imagination and raises enthusiasm.

I also like clear, direct, boundaries that indicate what the other individual's needs are without the individual being overbearing, laying "guilt trips", or in anyway trying to make me "bad" or "wrong". It is refreshing to have someone say, "this is what I need". When someone speaks clearly I am able to respond in an authentic way and identify whether or not I can meet their need. 

Working in collaboration continues to bring out the best in me, and even when it is difficult, ultimately, there is more much gained from the experience than not; each person is better for it.

How does collaborating work for you? In which does collaborating serve and hinder you?

5 thanksgivings:
  1. I am grateful for honest, direct communication.
  2. I am grateful for Tana of Simple Life Synergy.
  3. I am grateful for clarity and understanding.
  4. I am grateful for self-awareness.
  5. I am grateful for kindred spirits.

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